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IRS Consignment

With your IRS you can help us, and it costs you nothing! How?

Donation of Fines

If the court permits, you can donate your fine to the Rui Osório de Castro Foundation. For more information contact us.

Event organization

Weddings, Baptisms, Birthday Parties, etc …
Give even more meaning to your special event associating it to the cause of paediatric oncology. Contact us.

Solidarity Race

Make a difference by associating your participation in a marathon or half marathon to the cause of paediatric oncology.
Join your network of friends and contacts and challenge them to sponsor every kilometre you travel. For more information contact us.


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With your IRS you can help us, and it costs you nothing!

In your IRS statement you can “donate” part of the tax. This action, called a tax assignment, does not imply cost or loss for you: 0.5% is taken from the total tax that the State liquidates, and not from the tax that will be returned to you, in case of refund of tax charged.

In addition to registering this IRS at no cost, you can add a donation of 15% of the VAT on the invoices for services related to car and motorcycle repair, accommodation and catering, hairdressing and beauty salons, already communicated to the Tax Authority.

If you want to do it, add one more cross in “VAT”, in addition to the usual “IRS”.

In some cases, the annual IRS statement is automatically filled out without taxpayers’ intervention, if they wish.

Thus, the entity that benefited from the assignment of your IRS last year will be the beneficiary this year. If you wish to change, you must do so in advance of the delivery of the declaration.

Costs you nothing but it makes all the difference to us!