The Foundation choose to develop its main activity in the field of information after finding that existing information on paediatric oncology is dispersed and difficult to access and understand.


  • to improve the quality and quantity of information available in this area
  • to collect, concentrate and disseminate all kinds of useful information making it more accessible to the general public

Information Portal

The PIPOP – Portuguese Paediatric Oncology Information Portal gathers and provides rigorous and current information related to paediatric oncology, so that it can be useful to those who deal with this problem, helping them to better accept and live with the disease.

Consisting of two distinct areas, News and Events related to paediatric oncology, both national and international, are published daily, as well as Explanatory Contents about the disease.

The portal is divided into two distinct areas, Parents and Friends and Children and Youth, using a format and language adapted to each recipient in order to transmit the information as appropriately as possible.

All contents are reviewed and approved by a Scientific Council, composed of medical oncology paediatricians.

  • Paediatric Cancer
  • Types of Cancer
  • Treatments and Effects
  • Food and Other Care
  • Palliative Care
  • Glossary and FAQ’s
  • Testimonials and Advice to Parents
  • Statistic Data
  • Law and Publications
  • Entities and Useful Links


The Foundation promotes the annual publication or reissue of relevant publications on paediatric oncology, which can make an important contribution to families, individuals and health professionals who deal with this reality on a daily basis.

About Central Nervous System Tumours
About Leukaemia
Leaflets on Child Cancer Types
The book of the Family of the Child with Cancer
Caring for your sick son


Organization of an Annual Seminar to address topics of interest to those who deal with the issue of paediatric oncology on a daily basis.